Feel Ramadan – 27) Be Al-Ameen!


There is an incident from Imam Abu Hanifa (R)’s life. He was running a store in Basra. One day when he was not present in the store, a foreigner came to shop some cloths.One of the worker sold him a piece of cloth at a higher price. He did so to make his employer happy. However, after learning this, Imam Hanifa dismissed him from work. And warned that he can enter back in job only if he finds the customer out and return the extra amount. After many searches, he found the customer, returned the amount and joined back in work.

A true believer should be honest and gentle in his behavior. Prophet (PBUH)’s life taught us that a Muslim should not be a cheater or unmannered. His was such an exemplary life. Abdullah BIn Aabis (RA) narrates an incident occurred before Prophet (PBUH) getting Prophethood. 

I owed some money to Al Ameen Mohammed (PBUH). When I met him, I returned home saying I will come with money. Expecting me, Muhammed (PBUH) waited there. After three days, when I was passing through that way, Muhammed was still waiting for me, on the same place. Then only I remembered my promise to him. He just said me one thing : “You gave me a bit of difficulty. I have been waiting for three days here, expecting you”. This incident narrated by Abu Dawud  recounts the loftiness and greatness of his life.

There was a baker. From a poor farmer who lived in the neighboring village, he used to buy butter required to bake his breads. After a few days, he got suspicious that butter is weighing fairly less. He weighed it and found that his suspicion was relevant. The farmer was betraying the baker. He went into court and filed a complaint that the farmer betrayed him. Judge asked the farmer to report in front of him and asked: “Do you have a scale to weigh butter etc?”

No” he replied.

“Then how do you weigh the butter when you sell it to the baker?”

When the baker began to buy butter from me, I began to buy bread from him. I used to buy 2 pounds of bread. Thinking that the baker’s measurement would be perfect, I began to giving him butter in the equal weight as the bread. ” The Plantiff is now defendant!!!

In fact, the deception of baker bit him back.

Prophet (PBUH) taught us deceiving and betraying as terrible sins. These will eventually defame our personality and honor. A life by cheating and deceiving is not only a danger, but is a ‘disease’ too. Prophet (PBUH) was extra cautious on this  bad habit. He neither committed  nor allowed even the slightest deeds which would break trust.

No one will achieve prosperity through wicked ways. They may find temporary success, but eventually will invite great losses. Prophet(PBUH) has warned that  one the day of Resurrection, Allah would not protect those who sold commodities through false testimonies and they will be the biggest losers. He even described perjuring as one of the major sins.

The biggest fortune is that one is contented with what he has in life, no matter how small it is. A life with no craving for others’ things and not hurting others, is the way of truth. Remember, we may be able to cheat some people for many years and many people for some years. But we won’t be able to cheat everyone forever.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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