Feel Ramadan – 21) For Divine Attention


There is a story like this. A husband and wife were stuck in a boat in the midst of frightful storm. The boat was wavering with the force of wind. All frightened, the husband asked his wife: how are you able to sit peacefully, even in this dreadful situation?

Suddenly, she drew a knife towards his neck and asked: ” Is this frightening you?”

“Not at all”, said he.


“Because it is my sweetest wife who loves me immensely, who has drawn knife to my neck! So, I am not frightened at all!”

“That’s exactly why I am tranquil in this awful situation. It is the Lord, who loves me abundantly, whom I live from the bottom of my heart, who has sent this storm. Then, why should I be worried? He very well knows where will everything start and where will they end!” Said the wife.

When we realize the love of Allah, we would attain fearlessness. When our love for Him multiplies, our fearlessness also multiplies. When we comprehend the strength and greatness of Allah, we would be able to belittle every anxiety about ourselves. Our fears about this mundane life also will fade away.

“O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet” (Qura’n  47:7). This is the promise of Allah.

How much do we love our kids? – so much, right!! Each one love their kids beyond the words could express. Though some fail to display it, there no doubt that their hearts will be deluging with boundless love and care for the kids.

Now think, what if the kids, who were the apples of our eyes, begin to ignore us? That will hurt our minds so badly. We lived for them, we strived for them, we amassed wealth for them, we even were miserly for their benefit.. Still, as they get fledged, start earning their own and build up their family, if they begin to avoid the parents who brought them up, indeed that would be a great for us. With great pain such parents would whine: “they don’t care for us”. Look, Allah is same the same about a few of people.

They have not appraised Allah with true appraisal. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might. (Qura’n  22:74)

What’s the appreciation that we should give to Allah? It is the highest priority that we give to Him throughout our life. Submitting to Him and loving Him more than anything and anyone in this world. When such a love teem inside us, His way and guidance will be dearest to us. Our moments of worships will turn put to be indescribable occasions of joy. When we bow down to His decree, we would a happiness beyond description. That’s the meaning of Prophets teaching: none of you really believe until you love what I have come with. That when we welcome Allah’s decisions and likes as our love.

The ultimate priority put of everything should be for Allah. Body, house, family, job, trade, time, sleep, wealth…our days are passing by prioritizing for these. The place, rank, and importance for Allah should be much above all these. Thereby we will be able to sacrifice our whims for the likes of our dearest Lord.

It is a great fortune to have the remembrance of Allah on everything we do instead of forgetting Him by entrapped by the needs of this world. Prophet had taught us that how much we remind Him in our minds that much He would remember us. We may forget many things by indulged in the remembrance of Him. But, we should never forget Him by indulged in other worldly means.

This is how the supplication of a greatest scholar: o Allah, I will give you everything that I have. I just need your divine presence.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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